Photo a Day (1) + Photo-Challenge

I’ve been convinced by my colleagues to do a “photo-a-day” and join So today is a double whammy. The challenge was the following:

“Photography is all about manipulating light. One technique is to begin with the subject in complete darkness and then add artificial light to create the effect you want. Try taking photographs where the major light source is artificial. Use your pop up or external flash, lamps, candles, or flashlights. Add single and multiple sources, and pay attention to the moods you create.

You can use your artificial lighting setup to photograph anything you like – still life, portraits, even architecture!”

I took a couple of pictures of projections, using card cutouts and my phones flash as a light source, but I wasn’t pleased with the final outcome.

However, I wanted to try playing with more artificial lighting. I used two of my desk lamps, and a PowerPoint slideshow on my monitor, to play about with different lighting conditions. My colleagues will tell you, I do like my PowerPoint, even though at home I’ve only got LibraOffice) Here is my entry and the setup I used: